June 29th – Classroom Choice Day

On a hot sticky day there is nothing better than playing in the water. Many of the rooms chose water play within their ‘Classroom Choice’ day activity, even if it was just for clean up. Messy painting was very popular too; as was camping ‘in’ – s’mores and campfire stories included. See what messy fun they had!

CAVIAR – Fly swatter painting Day

POLLIWOGS – Body Painting!

SAM_8080 SAM_8082 SAM_8084 SAM_8085 SAM_8087 SAM_8089 SAM_8091 SAM_8101



NURSEY – Inside structures

SAM_8102 SAM_8103 SAM_8104 SAM_8105 SAM_8106 SAM_8107 SAM_8110 SAM_8112

PRESCHOOL – Feet Painting

SAM_8114 SAM_8115 SAM_8117 SAM_8121 SAM_8122 SAM_8123

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