FAQ – getting started with Procare App and Online Payments

Here are some helpful FAQ’s to help you with getting around the new Procare system (Procare engage app and MyProcare.com) – effective 1/1/21

  • I did not receive an invitation to sign up for the app.
  • Do you have an email address on file at Little Frogs and is it the same one you are using to sign up? If you are not sure – check with Sharon by replying to this email.
  • Check your spam folder
  • Add connect-hello@online.procaresoftware.com to your address book so emails can reach you
  • Do both parents need separate accounts?
  • You do not need to both create an account, but you do both need to know your pin as does all your authorized pick-up people, which any parent can see within their account.
  • Do our authorized pickup people also need a separate account?
    • They will not have access to the system or need an account. They will however need they 4-digit PIN to pick up or drop off your child.
  • How do I find my or my authorized pick up people’s PINS?
    • In the app, you can tap the three bars, tap Family Info, tap the child, tap on the pickup person, and view their PIN.
  • The app is telling me “school does not currently accept online payments”. How do I pay?
    • The app is everything except payments, and MyProcare.com is for payments only. 
  • How do you set up recurring payments through this system?
  • To do recurring payments you need to complete the form given out a few weeks ago and bring into the office. I have attached another copy for your convenience in case you lost it. Automatic payments come out two days prior to when tuition is due. The first auto payment for this system will come out Wednesday January 6th (that is the tuition for January 11th-15th. If you owe for next weeks tuition (due today) then you can go to MyProcare.com and pay or bring cash or check to the office.
  • Can we set up the recurring payments without the 2.75% processing fee?
    • Yes, you can complete the auto payment form and have the tuition deducted from your bank account instead of paying by credit card, then the fee is $1 per transaction.
  • Is it too late to sign up for automatic payment?
    • No, you can start at any time. Just complete the form (link below) and hand into the office.
  • Will you still be using the Remind app for communications?
    • No, all messaging will be done via the Procare app. Also children ages 1 thru 3 years (Hoppers, Polliwogs and Tadpoles) will now be receiving their daily sheets via the app as well.
    • Caviar parents: we are hoping to follow soon with the babies too and eliminate the paper daily sheets – stay tuned!
  • If we are now Health Screening in the app do we still have to do at the door and what about my authorized pick-up people who do not have an account?
    • All those who sign their children in via the app (from your car in the parking lot or in the center) will need to sign the health screening.
    • Those without an account will use their PI to sign in at the center and will be asked to complete the screening at that point on the main tablet.
    • Visitors and anyone else visiting without a PIN will be asked to complete the paper screening.

Automatic Payment Form

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