December Museum Week

Although Christmas has past, the children still have Holiday artwork to share with you. This week please stop by our Museum Week to see ‘Holiday’ themed artwork from many of the rooms. Our featured artists are:

Caviar Artists

Adeline Golon (10 months)

Nora McKelvey (15 months)

Polliwog Artists

Camila Ortega (21 months) 

Tadpole One Artists

Isla Golden (32 months)

Caroline Manseau (32 months) 

Tadpoles Two Artists

Jaylin Lambert (Age 3)

Lila Katane (Age 3) 

Nursery Artists

Serenity Michaud (Age 4)

Shreya Sriram (Age 3) 

Preschool Artists

Nikolas Turner (Age 4)

Emerald Sanni (Age 4)

Adarius Edson (Age 4)



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