November Museum Week

Museum week is an explosion of fall in colors and creations. Come and visit our November Museum week from now thru November 30th.

Featured Artists:

Caviar Artists

Laila Ford (11 months)

Josephine Hatziyannis (14 months)


Polliwog Artists

Aiden Turner (24 months)


Tadpole One Artists

Jameson Anderson (26 months)


Tadpoles Two Artists

Joshua Rule (34 months)

Marcus D’Angelo (3 years)


Nursery Artists

Carter Fitzgerald (3 years)

Jacob Manuse (3 years)

Erika Sebastian (3 years)


Preschool Artists

Aiden Wool (4 years)

Emily Sebastian (4 years)


Kindergarten Artists

Isabella Fleming (5 years)

Khloe Stiasny (5 years)


Preschool had so much fun visiting discussing the artwork. Preschool artists had a chance to show off their work to their peers.


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