PTBA Parent Representatives for 2012/13

Each year the PTAB have parents who volunteer as representatives for each classroom. This representatives serve on the Parent Advisory Board and are there in the capacity of liason.

For those of you who are new to The Center; these parents you can approach at any time with issues or ideas regarding your child or the class environment. These parents will liaise with lead teachers (in an anonymous capacity if necessary) to help resolve any issues or relay ideas. Or we can bring these great ideas (or problems) up at the next meeting for discussion. Of course your children’s teachers are still there in their educational and guidance roles. We are not replacing that, just aiming to help them perform in their role as best possible.

Throughout the year we organize activities, fundraisers for the center/classrooms and generally help to compliment and enhance the strong sense of ‘family’ that The Center has and encourages to promote.

Please feel free to contact your representative if you have something to share. We do not publish their details online, but if you would like to make contact with your class rep please feel free to contact Deb or Sharon in the office for their email address.

Caviar – Angela Fitzgerald

Polliwogs – Ang Paris

Tadpoles 1 – Kathy Burtram

Tadpoles 2 – Sam Murch

Nursery – Maunie Royce

Preschool – Christina Dyer

Kindergarten – Sharon Simpson

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