Donate your stuffed animals

This week we will be donating our used stuffed animals (please nothing wet. oil soaked or contaminated). Bring the stufed animals anytime this week into your child’s teacher. Donating unwated stuffed animals can reduce the waste going into landfills every year, give back to the community and help less advantaged people worldwide.

All items donated will be processed through EcoSmith Recyclers. The items are then shipped to underdeveloped regions in Central & SOuth America, Africa, and Eastern Europe for sale in open-air markets or bazaars.

Part of the proceeds will go to th Animal Rescue League of New Hamphire. Each year, this shelter helps approximately 2,000 animals by providing them a safe haven until loving, adoptive homes canbe found for them.

Today the Animal Rescue League will be visiting with their caring dogs to visit with the children.

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