Do you COOK, BAKE or SHOP?????????

You may be the one to help out a family in need! There is one family within the Nursery Classroom that has been undergoing a tough time. Mom has been diagnosed with an illness that greatly impacted their everyday lifestyle. I was thinking that we as a class/center could do what we like to do best, HELP OUT! Either cook a meal, bake a dessert or shop for gift cards for household items that may allow them to have a smile on their faces during this tough time. Just make sure the items can be frozen and quickly reheated. It would even help to put a label with the heat up instructions on the package. The sky is the limit as long as we try!

There will be a cooler outside Nursery Classroom next Thursday November 10th, as well as a basket for all donations. It is our goal to have the cooler go home upon pickup that day.

Thank-you to all who will be helping out a great family who is in need.

Sincerely, Nursery child’s Mom!

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